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Sales, service, and repair of used, custom, and vintage guitars, as well as new and used accessory sales.  East Austin, Texas.

Repair Prices


My bench fee is $50/Hour. The prices below reflect some of the most common repair jobs, but sometimes things take a little longer or in some cases, less. A simple set up will be an hours labor at times. 


$75-    Set Up: Includes action at bridge and nut, neck relief, intonation. Also includes maintenance such as nut and saddle lubrication, fingerboard/fret cleaning and polishing, and all necessary hardware adjustments. This service will also address any buzzing issues related to any of the actions above and only minor fret work. If more extensive fretwork is needed, a fret dress will be required. Strings not included.


$125-    Set Up with Fret Dress: Essentially a level, crown, and polish with a free set up. Everything included in a set up but when extensive fretwork is required. This could be from large pits that need sanding through or large amount of unlevel frets making a proper set up difficult. All frets must be leveled to the same height and sanded and polished to a shine. Some frets must be replaced in some cases.


$275- Refret: Complete refret of an acoustic or electric. Fret material not included. Add $40 for binding or finished maple.


$75-    New Bone Nut: Hand-made bone nut from scratch. Can be made with “bleached” white or vintage style unbleached. Sanded and buffed to a glossy shine. Add $30 for 12 string.


$100-$150-    Headstock Repair: Varies by intensity of break. Includes glue and finish touch up of headstock breaks usually incurred by Gibson style guitars and acoustics. Often not invisible but finish is repaired and smooth. Usually with Hide glue which is stronger and more resistant to Texas heat than typical yellow wood glue.


$50-    Hardware Installation: Includes the Installation of replacement tuners, a new bridge, tremolo system, etc. Adjustments are usually required to be done correctly. This might include slotting saddles on a new bridge, adjusting tremolo tension or ordering correct size for tuner installation. 


Pickup Installation:


  • $75- Acoustic Pickup:   Installation of either undersaddle or soundhole pickups include wiring pickup to jack, enlarging endpin strap button hole to fit jack and adjustments to saddle and/or saddle slot required for the proper fit of pickup and saddle for appropriate action/function of pickup.

    $50- Electric Pickup(s): To simply install, it is usually an hour labor. Getting into rewiring, changing pots, or components will be based off the hourly rate. 


For all other repairs, give us a call or send us an email and we will get back to you with a quote.


Background images by Ali Copeland.